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Biking Hero: Britton Reding

For the last week of Bike To School month, we’re featuring super-bike hero Britton Reding (4th grade Spanish). Why is he a super-hero? Because he’s already ridden to school one hundred and sixty… Continue reading

Biking Heroes: The Medero Family

This week, we’re featuring the entire Medero family: Julie (whom you often see riding around school on their blue Madsen bike with the covered cargo tub on the back), her husband Shawn, and… Continue reading

Biking Hero: Mr. Pat

This week, our Bike To School Hero is Mr. Pat (Dailey), JSIS Special Education Teacher. He is a committed bike commuter, having got his start in South Dakota (where the weather in January… Continue reading

Biking Heroine: Madi Carlson

This month, we will feature several JSIS ‘Biking Hero(ine)s’–parents and kids who use their bikes to get to school, work, soccer practices, the grocery store, etc…(this week’s heroine, Madi Carlson, was recently spotted… Continue reading