Bike to School Month prizes were distributed today

Prizes for Bike to School Month were distributed to classrooms to be put into go-home folders today. Students who biked to school (or a class/errand outside of school) between 1 and 14 days received a bicycle keychain. Students who biked 15 or more times received a reflector/blinky light.

Bike to School Month 2013 prizes

Here’s a breakdown of participants:

Grade 1-14 trips 15 or more trips
Kindergarten 9 8
1st 4 8
2nd 8 4
3rd 2 1
4th 1 2
5th 1 0

Apparently we need to reach out to the older kids better! Next year we’ll announce the program earlier and in more methods. Please email Madi if you’d like to volunteer to help with anything or if you have ideas for how the program can run more smoothly. Thanks!