Biking Hero: Britton Reding

For the last week of Bike To School month, we’re featuring super-bike hero Britton Reding (4th grade Spanish). Why is he a super-hero? Because he’s already ridden to school one hundred and sixty five times this year (he’s only missed one day, when he had to stay home sick). Helmets off to Britton!

Biking Hero: Britton Reding

You’re a very dedicated rider, Britton–do you ride to school every day?

How did you come up with the goal to bike to school every day?
Well, the first week of school I biked each day, and then I decided to bike every day.

What if you have to be somewhere right after school?
Well, sometimes my parents pick me up in the car and put my bike in the trunk.

What about biking in the winter?
Well, sometimes it’s wet, and one day I saw snowflakes while biking to school.

Tell us about your bike!
I have a mountain bike that has gears and shocks, and I have a BMX bike that has pegs and brakes – this certain type of brake that you can do tricks on (because you can spin the handle bars and the hand brakes don’t get tangled).

What was your first bike?
A like-a-bike (a wooden bike without pedals). I liked it a lot!

You and your sister might hold all the school records for “most miles” at the JSIS Move-a-thon…how many miles did you bike in your best year?
I think one year I filled up 2 Move-a-thon punchcards.

Do you like to bike as a hobby?
I go geocaching on my bike with my dad.

Do you like to go mountain biking? Where?
Yes! I like Duthie Hills (a mountain bike park near Issaquah). I like the drops, skinnies, and the luna trail. The luna trail’s got jumps all over it and you just go down a platform and jump; then go down a hill and jump and keep going down a hill and keep jumping.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done by bike?
Probably jumping my first gap jump. A gap jump is 2 mounds and then in the middle there’s nothing and you have to clear it or you get injured.

Anything else you want to tell us about biking?
Always wear your helmet!