Video: If I Ride

From People for Bikes:

If I ride I will know the way the trees smell after the rain.
I will grow a heart, so strong, that hospitals will take tuesdays off.
If I ride uphill, I will eventually… get to ride downhill. That’s how it works. If I ride, my breath will fill the air. Instead of smoke and car exhaust.
If I ride, road rage will turn into laughter.
And I won’t be a boy, or a girl. I will just be a rider.
If I ride, I can wear spandex… like Spiderman.
And the planet will cool down, and survive, and thank me for riding with flowers, and glaciers, and fireflies, and snow days off from school.
If I ride, I will be strong.
I will change tires myself.
If I ride, I will only use oil on my chain… and oil tankers will haul chocolate milk.
This is my poem to biking.
People for Bikes